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Rake Motorsports
Wisconsin Dells

Discover the excitement.

Rake Motorsports is primarily engaged in the short-term rental of Slingshots, the new phenomenon in the world of outdoor activity — casual or recreational. If there was one benefit to widespread pandemic lockdowns, it is that it reminded us (first timers and outdoor enthusiasts alike) of the beauty, majesty and, of course, the pulsating excitement of the outdoors. In fact, it was not theme-parks, sports venues, or music concerts; nature was our first attraction. And, as we have personally discovered, the open cockpit of a Slingshot allows us to take in our natural environment in an unimaginably fun, exciting, and head-turning way.

Experience the thrill.

When you combine the safety of an automobile with the thrill and adrenaline-rush of a motorcycle, you get a Slingshot. When we set out on a mission to democratize the Slingshot (that is, bring the excitement of a Slingshots to the masses), safety was, and always will be, our top concern. Having a valid driver’s license and signing a Rental Agreement that contains numerous safety/traffic law provisions are just a couple ways in which we enforce safety.

In this way, the Slingshot introduces another safe outdoor activity alternative, which has been a hallmark of Wisconsin Dells since its city’s founding in 1856 by the Wisconsin Hydraulic Company.

Committed to the community.

Our commitment to “The Dells” is backed by our partnerships, including River Bay Premier Camping Resort. We will continue to develop such partnerships in a way that enhances the experience of our riders.

We look forward to enhancing your Dells experience.
Come ride with are guaranteed to be amazed!